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"Most obese patients think they have a slow metabolism and having the ReeVue® shows us where they’re really at."

Dr Rohn Rigby, MD

Director Ogden Obesity Clinic

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Medical Weight Loss

"Everybody’s metabolism is different. We’ve seen a measurable improvement in results since using the ReeVue®."

Dr. Chris Morgan, DNP, FNP-C

Director Cache Valley Endocrine and Diabetes

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"The ReeVue® gives my patients information about their bodies that becomes real to them. It is informational as well as motivational."

Michelle Lockhart, RN, BSN, CPT, CHWC

Owner Complete Wellness

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Nutritional Counseling

"The people I work with, they do too much too hard. They like looking [at their VO2 Max results on the CardioCoach® app], and seeing if their workout matched what I wanted them to do."

Laurie Moro, Metabolic Specialist

Total Heath Systems

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Personal Training

"It helps them to better understand where THEIR body is and what they need to do for THEIR body… We know exactly, for them, what they need."

Cameron Garber, DPT

Owner Body Smart

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Physical Therapy

"It’s almost like you have your trainer in your pocket… It allows the consumer to have something that they’re paying for, something tangible."

Anthony Moses

Owner AM Total Being Wellness

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Full Service Gym

"VO2 Max is an integral part to get… everyday people to the next level. VO2 Max testing through KORR is top of the line, and we’ve been very happy."

Brandon Sheppard

Owner DexaBody Testing

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Corporate Wellness

"Affordability is huge… Being able to afford the product… and get a return on my investment in a quicker amount of time is big. CardioCoach® gives me a portable device that’s affordable, that gets me the results and the numbers that I need."

David Hunt, DPT, OTS

Owner of Synergy

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Physical Therapy

"I see VO2 Max testing as the golden standard for Aerobic Capacity Testing. Also, an opportunity to further individualize their conditioning needs through all the valuable information that can be taken from performing this test."

Ruben Cisneros, MS, CSCS, NSCA, USAW

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Collegiate Training

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