Case Study

Fitness Formula Clubs

"A VO2 Max test with CardioCoach is an EXPERIENCE… Something fun for clients where they actually learn something about their metabolism, not just benchmarking their fitness."

—Chris Navin

  • Total yearly revenue from testing: $114,432
  • Price for VO2 Max tests: $149
  • Price for RMR tests: $149

Case Study Specs

  • Company Name: Fitness Formula Clubs
  • Industry:
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Customer Since: 2013
  • Locations: 10
  • Devices: 2 CardioCoach
  • Device: CardioCoach (x2)
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Fitness Formula Clubs in Chicago credits metabolic testing and heart rate based training for giving them credibility and recognition in the fitness community.  What started as a service specifically for triathletes soon grew to encompass the entire health club.  Chris Navin, metabolic test specialist, credits 4 key areas that flourished through metabolic testing.

  1. Nutrition Solutions.  By incorporating metabolic testing to nutrition consults from registered dietitians, clients saw better results faster.  This technology helped FFC to explode in this space in a very short period of time.
  2. Heart-Rate Gamification.  FFC utilized a VO2 Max test as the baseline to set the heart rate zones in their gamification software (MyZone).  The results were dramatic.  For the first time, class members were able to all be in the same zone at the same time and reap the benefits of competition.  Chris credits the customization of the heart rate zones through CardioCoach® for this success.
  3. Performance Training Membership.  FFC created a membership package specifically for the competitive athlete.  These members were highly motivated to test their cardiorespiratory performance with high end equipment and benefited from the targeted training offered.  This benefitted both new memberships and retention.
  4. Marketing Tool.  The CardioCoach® has become a unique and exciting marketing tool for FFC.  From social media to a full wrap of a city bus, VO2 Max testing photos really has given customers something interesting and new to engage with.  Due to the portability of the unit, Chris has been able to take testing to various sites offering metabolic testing as a “road show” offering annual checkups at remote locations.

The addition of metabolic testing to Fitness Formula Clubs has produced an average yearly revenue of $114,432.

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