Buying Used

Are you considering a Used KORR Metabolic Analyzer?

KORR products are designed to be the most durable and reliable desk top analyzers on the market. Even the highest use facilities can count on years of accurate testing. But as with any piece of precise measurement equipment, it must be cared for properly by the user and maintained by authorized factory personnel to insure proper functioning.

Considering the Overall Value of a Used KORR Analyzer

Do you intend to print your results?
Look at the back of the unit.  If the unit has a parallel printer cable connector, it will only be able to connect to the printer that was originally provided with the unit.
Has the unit been properly serviced?
On the back of the unit is a seal that reads, “warranty void if seal is broken.” If this seal is broken, be aware that the customer has opened the unit and may have tampered with the electronics. This would be highly suspicious.
When was unit last serviced?
KORR’s best value are units sold in a Quick Start Kit which add many advantages for our valued customers. These include substantial discounts on service and access to technical support from our highly qualified customer support personnel. Discounts, warranties and technical support contracts ARE NOT transferable from the original owner. Consider the value of technical support. When buying used, you forfeit access to KORR’s expert staff for questions regarding the functioning of your machine, interpretation of results, etc. KORR products require replacement of the oxygen sensor and recalibration about every 20 months. The green sticker on the back of the unit will indicate when the unit was last calibrated. If purchasing used equipment, it will become necessary at some point to replace the O₂ sensor in your unit. Pricing for service is listed below as compared to the discounted prices offered with the QuickStart kit:
Oxygen sensor replacement 1095.00
 Discounted O₂ sensor replacement with QuickStart kit 335.00
 Oxygen sensor replacement 1095.00
Discounted O₂ sensor replacement with QuickStart kit 385.00
How complete is your set-up?
New KORR Quick Start kits come with many accessories necessary for successful testing. Often, used units are missing these “odds and ends” and the individual costs to replace them can really add up. Consider the cost of items customers often end up replacing: CardioCoach Plus Quickstart Product Accessories:
Full reusable Mask assembly 672.00
Additional sizes mask face plates (2) 214.00
VO2 test hose 23.00
Neoprene head strap 73.00
Polar coded chest strap 58.00
Heart rate pick up 150.00
Electrode Gel 13.00
Pre-printed forms 27.00
Power Supply/electrical cord 160.00
Mobile Printer (compatible with unit) 319.00
Printer cable 23.00
User Manual 40.00
Client Prep Forms 17.00
Client Brochures  (3 packages) 41.00
Marketing Materials 100.00
RMR adapter 45.00
10 MetaBreather disposables 100.00
CardioCoach Monitor software, with registration 750.00
TOTAL 2825.00
  ReeVue Quick Start Product Accessories:
80 MetaBreather disposable mouthpieces 600.00
Medical grade power supply/electrical cord 266.00
Mobile Printer (compatible with unit) 319.00
Printer cable 23.00
User Manual 40.00
Patient Prep Handouts 17.00
Patient brochures (2 pks), with holder 68.00
Pre-printed paper 30.00
TOTAL 1363.00
    KORR Medical Technologies does not authorize any reseller of used or refurbished equipment. We offer this information to help navigate the confusion that often comes when considering purchasing used equipment from an individual.  It is our goal that you get the best value possible for your investment, and be happy with your KORR unit for many years to come. If you have any further questions, please call us at 800-895-4048.