MetaCheck - Metabolic Rate Analysis System


  • Measures Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • Designed for Nutrition Counselors and Fitness Professionals
  • Unique printout with results and interpretation
  • Simple, 10 minute breath test
  • No certification required

The MetaCheck is an affordable metabolic analyzer that provides an accurate, professional metabolic rate measurement. Measuring a person’s metabolic rate allows you to construct an effective weight loss plan based on individual caloric needs. In the past, these measurements have only been available by using cumbersome, expensive equipment, and were generally only available at hospitals. The MetaCheck is simple to use and maintain, using disposable testing supplies and requiring no additional computer to operate. To download a MetaCheck product brochure, click here.

Why Choose MetaCheck?

Direct Oxygen Measurement

MetaCheck directly measures the concentration of oxygen a person breathes out. Each client merely breathes through a simple mouthpiece as all the exhaled air is collected and analyzed. There is a direct correlation between oxygen consumed and calories burned, which make Metacheck the most accurate measurement of calorie consumption.

Mixing chamber Technology

A mixing chamber is considered the “Gold Standard” for a Metabolic Measurement. For years this system has been complicated and expensive. KORR advancements in technology make this method feasible for health and fitness facilities of any size.

Self Calibrating

For a metabolic test to be accurate, the device must adjust to barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity. The MetaCheck measures these parameters and makes adjustments during each routine calibration cycle.


Other Metabolic Analyzers require the clients to breathe through a measurement device located at the mouth. The air each person breathes in will pass through the same mechanism as countless clients before them. The KORR MetaBreather uses a one-way valve. This draws in fresh room air with each inspiratory breath. After each test, the disposable is thrown away, eliminating the need to clean equipment between clients.


The MetaCheck has a simple user interface that guides you from start to finish. No training, certification, computer or software is required. It’s all at your fingertips!

Pre-test Requirements

It is desirable to measure a person’s metabolic rate at a true resting level. To ensure one is at rest, we recommend the following preparation:

  1. Avoid eating a meal 4 hours before the test.
  2. Avoid exercising on the day of testing.
  3. If possible, avoid the use of stimulants such as caffeine prior to testing.
  4. During the test it will be important to get into a comfortable position and relax as much as possible.
  5. Maintain a tight seal around the MetaBreather mouthpiece.
woman on chair doing a breathing test
woman sitting in chair plugging nose with nose clamps

Conduct a Test

  1. Turn on the MetaCheck and wait while it automatically calibrates. The machine will indicate when calibration is complete. It is important that no hose or filter be attached during calibration.
  2. Expand the MetaBreather hose to its full length (5 feet) and connect it to the MetaCheck. Be sure to use only a KORR manufactured MetaBreather, as use of any other breathing device will not insure accuracy and will void your KORR factory warranty.
  3. Have the patient place the nose clip on his nose and the mouthpiece in his mouth, using his lips to seal around the edges. The patient should be relaxed and breathe normally.
  4. After approximately 10 minutes, the MetaCheck will end the test and prompt the tester to enter in patient data to compare patient results to averages. The results can then be printed out.

MetaCheck Video:

The Print Out

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Improve Services

A metabolic rate analysis will allow you to customize a program that is unique to each client.

  • It can screen for a slowed metabolism that may explain frustrated attempts to lose weight in the past.
  • It can reveal changes in a client’s metabolism during the weight loss process that can help trouble shoot a frustrating plateau.
  • Once a goal weight has been reached, an RMR measurement can give you the precise caloric prescription necessary to maintain that goal weight.
Metabolic Rate Testing

Increase Revenue

Consider the following return on investment for a personal trainer using a MetaCheck for RMR testing (all costs are estimated for purpose of illustration).

Year 1Year 2
RMR tests per year
(avg 20 tests per month)
Fee per test$50$50
Gross Proceeds$12,000$12,000
Equipment costs, unit$3,995$0
Equipment costs, MetaBreather mouthpieces @ $725 per 100 pack, including 80 free MetaBreathers w/Quickstart kit$1,160--
Equipment costs, MetaBreather mouthpieces @ $725 per 100 pack--$1740
Equipment costs, service$0$335
Cost of operation$5,155$2,075
Annual Cash Flow$6,845$9,925
O₂ Sensor
TypeGalvanic Fuel Cell
Accuracy±0.2% O₂
Resolution0.01% O₂
Range0 to 30% O₂
Average Sensor Life24 months
Air Flow Sensor
TypeFixed-orifice Differential Pressure Pneumotach
Accuracy±2% of reading
Resolution0.01 LPM
Range-40 to 150 LPM
Breath Rate5 to 40 breaths/minute
Tidal Volume200 to 3000 ml
Physical Dimensions
Size12Ó x 9Ó x 4Ó
Weight5.75 lbs (2.6 kgs)
Average Difference24.7 kcal/day (-1.45%)
Standard Deviation of Difference57.1 kcal/day (2.85% of reading)
0.975 (r=987)

MetaCheck™ Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the test take?
The test takes approximately 10 minutes.
How many tests can you do on the machine?
The MetaCheck will perform an unlimited number of tests.
Can the disposable hose be used more than once?
The disposable hose (the Metabreather) is for single patient use only. It cannot be effectively cleaned between patients and the valves within the mouthpiece will not maintain accuracy through multiple tests.
Is certification required to operate the machine?
No certification is required. With its simple one button operation, anyone can be trained to operate the MetaCheck in just minutes.
What kind of warranty do the products come with?
All KORR products come with a full 2 year warranty which includes all parts and labor. Routine maintenance is not covered by warranty. A renewable warranty is available to purchase for subsequent years.
What happens if the machine needs any maintenance?
All maintenance and repairs must be performed at a KORR Certified Service Center. Currently locations include Salt Lake City Utah USA, Sydney Australia, and Athens Greece. Every 20 to 24 months the MetaCheck requires oxygen sensor replacement and re-calibration.

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