“Have your fitness efforts meet your fitness goals”

Dr Cameron Garber, a Physical Therapist in Bountiful Utah, has seen his profession change drastically in the past 10 years due to the effects of the Affordable Care Act. Physical Therapists are finding it increasingly difficult to be profitable.  The average co-pay has gone from $25-40 to $40 –70  per visit.  The result is that only 1/3 of all PT referrals actually go to therapy.

In 2013, Dr. Garber determined the need to restructure his practice to a cash based alternative. He reflected on his clinical rotation at the University of Utah where he learned about metabolic testing followed by an internship that gave him further exposure to the technology. He saw the opportunity to become a Fitness Provider where he could position patients to AVOID the conditions that lead them to need rehabilitative physical therapy. And so Metabolic Curve was born.

With metabolic testing as the foundation of his program, Dr Garber knew his choice of VO2 Max test equipment was crucial. Through his experience, he determined that CardioCoachCO2 would best meet his needs.  When asked why he chose CardioCoach over the competitors, he responded, “With CardioCoach, I can interpret the results, then customize them for my own patients. CardioCoach doesn’t tailor results to a particular program.”  Other reasons for choosing the CardioCoach include:


  • Easy to use software
  • Accessible technical support
  • Mixing chamber technology

Dr Garber is passionate about his quest that Physical Therapists can bring VO2 Max to the mainstream. He feels it gives the practitioner the structure and framework to coach and counsel.  “It’s clear one size fits all doesn’t work,” he says. “Customization of care is what will lead to real results.  With VO2 Max results I am able to identify WHY [clients] have been frustrated in the past and HOW they can move forward successfully.”

Due to historical issues with reimbursement, Physical Therapists can be cautious about making large investments. Dr. Garber is leading the crusade that real solutions for his profession lay in wellness and health monitoring.  “CardioCoach is worth the investment because you will be able to give your patients the information they’ll need to be successful.” He is speaking from experience. This year he is on track to double his income due to metabolic testing. Sounds like Dr Garber is staying ahead of the curve!