Case Study

Nadeem Ashraf

"[CardioCoach] provides and fosters a results based culture while providing my trainers a confidence and valuable tool to execute precise results for their clients in the field of exercise and nutrition!"

—Nadeem Ashraff

  • Pricing for Membership Upgrades: $149 per month (from $99 per month)
  • Total yearly revenue from metabolic testing: $42,000

Case Study Specs

  • Company Name: Nadeem Ashraf
  • Industry:
  • Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Device: CardioCoach
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Nadeem Ashraf Finds Success with VO2 Max Testing

In the Spring of 2013, Nadeem Ashraf worked to bring together the details of Redkore Fitness, the culmination of his lifetime of experience in the fitness industry. He recognized the difficulty he faced trying to stand out among a multitude of providers. He determined that his strategic and competitive edge would be a “results based culture” rooted in fitness diagnostic technology. Nadeem knew from experience that if he had the information available from a VO2 Max test, he could elicit dramatic results for any client, regardless of their previous experience.

The Solution

Nadeem’s challenge was to bring together leading edge technologies in a way that would entice the average consumer to join rather than become intimidated. His experience with VO2 Max testing in the past had yielded positive data, but had burdened trainers with overly complicated test methods and often questionable results. Nadeem knew it was important to find a VO2 Max testing system that was simple to operate, yet would yield accurate results to ensure the success of both his clients and his program. Nadeem found everything he was looking for with the CardioCoach®. With a push of a button and 10 minutes on the treadmill, he receives his client’s peak heart rate, anaerobic threshold, aerobic threshold, precise training zones, and the amount and type of calories being burned.  The simplicity is key as very little of his time with new personnel is spent training to use the equipment. Additionally, he loves the clear definition of heart rate training zones that lead directly to maximum results and client satisfaction.

Redkore uses heart rate training zones as the basis for all cardiovascular training. For that reason, each client is tested upon initial assessment with the CardioCoach® to establish unique and accurate training zones. Clients can purchase elite memberships for $149 per month that include the VO2 Max test as a value added service, or they can purchase a term membership for $99 per month and then pay an additional $99 for the VO2 Max test. Last year, one Redkore location grossed $42,000 from VO2 Max testing.

Redkore measures their success through member retention. Due to the results their clients are experiencing through heart rate based training, Redkore has opened as second facility this year and is breaking ground for a third.  When asked why he would recommend the CardioCoach® to other fitness facility owners, Nadeem Ashraf replied,

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