KORR to Attend the Integrative Healthcare Symposium 2014


KORR is looking forward to attending the Integrative Healthcare Symposium February 20- 22, 2014 in New York City. Each year healthcare professionals from all fields come together with the intention of improving patient care and defining the future of integrative healthcare. This year’s speakers will include Jeffrey Bland PhD, FACN, FACB, Mark Hyman, MD, Tieraona […]

KORR to Attend Clinical Nutrition Week 2014


KORR is proud to support Clinical Nutrition Week being held Jan 18- 21, 2014 in Savannah Georgia.  Sponsored by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, the conference provides continuing education for physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, and nurses.  This year’s focus addresses 3 particular areas: the patient who is malnourished upon admission, tailoring nutrition support […]


KORR announces distribution of InBody 170 Body Composition Analyzer


Salt Lake City, UT  Dec 17, 2013 – KORR Medical Technologies, Inc, a leader in the field of respiratory flow measurement technology and metabolic rate analysis, is pleased to announce that it will be distributing the InBody 170, a Body Composition Analyzer scale by Biospace. “Adding the InBody 170 to KORR’s product line just makes […]


SHAPE magazine features Metabolic Testing


SHAPE Magazine discusses the importance of metabolic testing in the process of determining what factors may be contributing to weight loss plateaus and frustrated weight loss efforts. Charlotte Hilton Anderson consults experts, determining that both RMR and VO2 Max testing can give you a very accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses and what you […]

Federal Customers Now Have Easy Access to Metabolic and VO₂ Max Test Products by KORR


Salt Lake City, UT October 14, 2013 – KORR Medical Technologies, Inc, a leader in the field of respiratory flow measurement technology and metabolic rate analysis, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 6511A Contract for Medical Equipment & Supplies (contract number V797P-2124D).

KORR goes Green


Too often KORR customers lament, “I feel so guilty throwing away those bulky MetaBreathers!” The truth is, the tubing portion of MetaBreathers is made of a high-density polyethylene. That is the same substance as plastic milk cartons. So if your community recycles milk cartons…you guessed it! MetaBreather tubes can be recycled! And if your community […]

Joe R_ horiz

Joe Rogowski to Train the Houston Rockets


Long time KORR customer, Joe Rogowski, has recently been named the director of science and research for the Houston Rockets basketball organization.  This role will allow him to implement the science driven philosophy he has always brought to his strength and conditioning programs.  With his expertise in VO2 Max analysis, the Rockets are sure to […]

Obesity Week 2013


KORR is proud to support the historic “Obesity Week” being held Nov 11-16, 2013 in Atlanta Georgia.  For the first time ever, this brand new meeting will combine the ASMBS society and The Obesity Society as both will hold their annual meetings under one roof.  Scientists, clinicians, surgeons, physicians, integrated health professionals and policymakers from […]