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VO₂ Max Testing

CardioCoach brings the powerful tools of VO₂ Max, AT detection and metabolic measurement to fitness professionals at every level of expertise.  Help clients reach their fitness and weight loss goals faster than ever.

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CardioCoach by KORR


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Metabolic Rate Testing

In the past, accurate measurements have only been available by using cumbersome expensive equipment, and were generally only available at hospitals. Today our equipment provides the same critical data with just a simple 10 minute breath test at a fraction of the cost.

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Body Composition Analysis

The InBody 170 Body Composition Analyzer measures body fat and muscle mass. InBody combines with KORR RMR measurements for a complete weight loss treatment program.

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Treating Obesity

RMR is a Vital Sign for treating obesity.  Measuring a patient’s metabolic rate allows physicians to screen, teach, and prescribe based on scientifically sound principles.  The procedure is CPT coded for reimbursement.

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  • ASBP Conference “Overcoming Obesity”

    KORR is happy to support the ASBP at this year’s annual conference in Austin Texas Sept 8-12, and is anxious to be a part of the introduction of the Obesity Algorithm.  Congratulations to MediWeight Loss Clinics who will be presenting posters at this year’s conference.  Visit KORR at booth #303.

  • Make a Referral, Get Big Rewards!

    If you are happy with your KORR product, why not tell a friend? If that friend purchases a unit, we will reward you with a FREE Cart, FREE MetaBreathers, or even CASH! Click the link for more details.

  • KORR goes GREEN

    Too often KORR customers lament, "I feel so guilty throwing away those bulky MetaBreathers!" The truth is, the tubing portion of MetaBreathers is made of a high-density polyethylene. That is the same substance as plastic milk cartons. So if your community recycles milk cartons...you guessed it! MetaBreather tubes can be recycled! And if your community doesn't recycle, contact KORR [... ]


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