Troubleshooting guide for HR strap connection issues, Bluetooth connection issues, and connection issues via USB cables.

Troubleshooting PC & Equipment Connections to CardioCoach

Struggling to connect your CardioCoach to your PC via Bluetooth? Click here. Struggling to connect your heart rate strap via Bluetooth? Click here. Are you struggling with general Bluetooth connection issues? Click here. For all other connection questions, view our USB Troubleshooting Gui...
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Why won’t my CardioCoach connect to my computer?

You will only need to pair your CardioCoach to your computer the first time you use it. Once paired, the KORR software will automatically connect to the CardioCoach each time it is launched. To pair your CardioCoach to your PC, open your Bluetooth settings, slick "Add Bluetooth or other device,...
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Bluetooth Connection Troubleshooting Guide

If you are having difficulty establishing or maintaining a Bluetooth connection, try the following in any order:  Run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter for Windows 10 or Windows 11.  Ensure Bluetooth device (e.g. CardioCoach or heart rate device) is powered on.  Ensure Bluetooth dev...
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Why won’t my heart rate strap connect to my CardioCoach?

Unlike the CardioCoach, heart rate devices are NOT paired with the PC through the Bluetooth settings.  Each time the heart rate device is used for testing, it must be connected to the PC by using the options in the Korr software’s Testing page.     If you have any issues establishing or maintain...
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