Bluetooth Connection Troubleshooting Guide

If you are having difficulty establishing or maintaining a Bluetooth connection, try the following in any order: 

  • Ensure Bluetooth device (e.g. CardioCoach or heart rate device) is powered on. 
  • Ensure Bluetooth device (e.g. CardioCoach or heart rate device) is not connected/paired to any other device. 
  • Reduce interference. For example: 
    • Keep the Bluetooth device (e.g. CardioCoach or heart rate device) close to the PC. 
    • Turn off any unused Bluetooth devices. 
    • If possible, turn off fluorescent lighting, TVs, radios, etc. 
  • Ensure PC supports Bluetooth: 
    • Try to toggle Bluetooth on and off.  If toggle is missing, your PC may not support Bluetooth. 
  • Toggle Bluetooth on and off.
    • Open Windows “Bluetooth and other devices settings” (can be found using the Windows search bar). 
    • Locate Bluetooth toggle. 
    • Click switch to toggle. 
  • Restart the PC. 
    • Open the Start menu. 
    • Click the power icon. 
    • Click Restart. 
  • Check for Windows updates. 
    • In the Windows search bar, star typing “Check for updates” until that System settings option appears.  Select the option. 
    • Click “Install now” or “Check for updates” as appropriate. 
    • Restart the PC. 
    • Continue to check for updates and restart the PC until no pending updates are found. 
  • Purchase a Bluetooth antenna. 

If you are still experiencing difficulty, feel free to reach out to us at

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