Medical Weight Loss & Body Shaping

Brother Doctors medical weight loss and body shaping

Medical Weight Loss and Body Shaping is an innovative and physician guided weight loss program. In the midst of so many weight-loss fads and opinions there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Doctors Craig Perlman, Board Certified Endocrinologist, and Daryl Perlman, Diplomat on the American Board of Obesity Medicine, have recognized this to be true as they work with their overweight patients. Together, they have sifted through research and scrutinized the world of weight-loss to create individualized programs for each of their patients. Through nutrition, exercise, and advanced technology and medication, Medical Weight Loss and Body Shaping helps each patient to reach their individual goals.

“The Perlman brothers got me feeling and looking amazing! I lost more weight than a friend who had lap band surgery.”— Kathleen, Mineola

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