Long time KORR customer, Joe Rogowski, has recently been named the director of science and research for the Houston Rockets basketball organization.  This role will allow him to implement the science driven philosophy he has always brought to his strength and conditioning programs.  With his expertise in VO2 Max analysis, the Rockets are sure to find themselves on that fateful treadmill, pushing themselves to their max efforts. Joe has a Master’s degree in physiology and spent time teaching high school biology.  He brings that mentality to his training of professional athletes as he believes in not just training, but also teaching.  “I want them to understand this is a system we’re doing and this is why”, Rogowski said.  “There is a reason for doing this number of reps or sets or exercise.  It’s not something we’re picking out of a hat or at random.  There is a method to the madness.” Around the league, Joe is known as the “gas man” for his use of VO2 Max testing.  When asked about the value it provides, he said, “By measuring lactate threshold and heart rate we’re able to track and analyze the data, be creative and formulate a plan of action that is unique to them (the athlete) personally.  I believe this technology gives my athletes an advantage over others who are trained with more traditional ‘cookbook’ approaches.” Joe gained some notoriety early in his career in his role as Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Orlando Magic.  During his tenure there, the lanky new rookie Dwight Howard matured to be without a doubt, one of the most fit players in the NBA.  There is some speculation that Rogowski was hired by Houston in part to entice Howard to sign with the Rockets.  While Joe quickly dismisses the notion, the truth is that one of the NBA’s best athletes and best trainers will soon be reunited.  We are excited to see what will happen! To read more about Joe Rogowski’s move to Houston, click here

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