ss-2Dr Kathleen T. Baskett

St Vincent Healthcare, Billings, Montanah

I have been using the ReeVue for about 5 years and have found it to be an invaluable piece of diagnostic equipment for my bariatric practice. It is user friendly and provides accurate results within 10-20 minutes. Patients appreciate being able to have this scientific and objective measurement of their metabolism.

With all of my medical weight loss patients, I perform the test at their initial evaluation. I am then able to guide patients as to where they need to be calorically to bring about weight loss. If/when patients plateau, I can repeat the ReeVue to assess their calorie needs. Likewise, the ReeVue can be used to determine calorie needs for weight maintenance.

The ReeVue is just as useful to help those patients that need to gain weight. Again, I am able to provide them with an eating plan that is accurate calorically and will result in a positive energy balance.

In addition it is useful for those bariatric surgical patients that are not losing weight post-surgically or have regained weight post-surgery. I am able to demonstrate to them where they need to be to bring about a healthy weight loss.

Our clinic also offers a pediatric/adolescent weight management program. I measure each young person’s RMR with the ReeVue to determine his/her calorie needs that will result in a gentle and healthy weight loss. I then give them play money equivalent to their calorie budget. It makes sense to them as they now know how many calories they can “spend” each day!

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