At this time of concern for the health and safety of both clients and staff, we at KORR wish to address any questions regarding the COVID-19 virus and KORR Metabolic Analyzer.

All KORR products utilize one-way valves for testing. No patient ever draws a breath that has gone through the device because the one-way valves will close and prevent them from doing so. This valve causes them to draw in fresh air from the room with every breath, protecting them from any threat of cross-contamination via the device.

For resting tests, it is critical that you use a new MetaBreather for each patient. The one-time use MetaBreather is discarded after testing and will protect against the spread of disease. For exercise tests, it is important to clean the mask, valve and tubing between each test subject, according to protocol. That protocol is quite simply, hand-hot soapy water. Details are outlined here

The health and safety of patients, employees and the community at large are our highest priority. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support department if you have any questions or concerns. (800) 895-4048.

Best wishes for good health,

Julie Kofoed, BSN

KORR Medical Technologies

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