The National Weight Control Registry has enrolled over 10,000 members who have lost between 30 and 300 pounds and have successfully maintained that weight from 1 year to 66 years.  There is a great deal that can be learned from this large data sample.  One interesting fact I recently noticed is that 55% of these people lost weight with the help of some type of program.

So to all our weight loss experts, take heart this New Year in knowing that there is a portion of the obese population who are ready and willing to make a change in 2015.  I say this to experts in the collective sense, because successful weight loss programs exist in all shapes and sizes.  I believe that even though personal commitment to modifying both food intake and physical activity is the ultimate measure of success, most people still need professional help.  Each will search until they find a program that addresses their own unique issues and will connect them with the accountability, support, and solutions that fit their needs.  Whether it is their first or their fiftieth attempt, when it finally clicks, you and your client will succeed together.

So as an expert in Metabolic Rate Measurement equipment, I am often asked, how does RMR fit with a market as diverse as weight loss?  To me it is simple.  RMR is data and data is power.  How you use that data is as unique as your program.  For example you might:

  • Screen for those who may struggle with a slow metabolic rate so you can adjust your program accordingly.
  • Use data to calculate the caloric intake required for weight loss at the rate you determine to be healthy.
  • Eliminate client excuses.
  • Monitor the effect surgery or dietary interventions have on RMR.
  • Correctly prescribe caloric requirements for maintenance post weight loss.

So as clients come to you this New Year, consider how much more you can learn about them by evaluating their metabolic rate.  You may discover that the vital sign of RMR will contribute to your unique success.

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