In an effort to help weight loss doctors see better success with their patients, KORR has partnered with CoachCare — a digital healthcare startup with an integrated healthcare platform.

The HIPAA compliant CoachCare platform connects patients to their doctors through a custom-branded mobile app, a physician/ coach dashboard and connected devices (including a wireless scale and wristband exercise tracker) . The platform helps monitor individual patient progress during the course of their program, even when they are away from the clinic. 

KORR is excited to bring Resting Metabolic Rate measurements into the CoachCare client profile. Doctors using CoachCare will now be able to receive daily reports on each patient, to see whether or not each is eating to their own unique metabolism.

CoachCare benefits your practice through:

  • New significant revenue streams through device sales
  • Improved patient care & satisfaction through technology, resulting in increased referrals
  • Improved patient-coach engagement
  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks
  • Reactivation of patients who continue to use their app/ devices after their programs
  • Maximum insurance reimbursements for Remote Patient Monitoring
  • A significant increase in overall revenue per year

Click below to provide your information to learn more about CoachCare.

Learn More About CoachCare

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