With COVID-19 still lingering on everyone’s minds, many might feel nervous about any apparatus that comes near their face and mouth. If you have programs founded on resting metabolic tests, you may be facing questions and concerns from clients and staff. To bring peace-of-mind to anyone on your team involved with metabolic testing, consider sharing these facts about RMR testing with KORR equipment: 

  1. KORR MetaBreathers are disposable. 

The valve on KORR MetaBreathers (your breathing tubes for RMR tests) is extremely sensitive due to the low flow of air during a breathing test, keeping resting tests extremely accurate. To ensure the valve maintains its accuracy, MetaBreathers have been designed to be disposed of after every test. This means that each client will use a new, sterile MetaBreather when they come to test. 

  1. MetaBreathers use a one-way valve.

MetaBreathers are designed to bring in only fresh air. All expired air is pushed into the machine and does not come back out. This means your client will only be breathing in the clean air of the room. No chances for cross-contamination. 

  1. KORR’s anti-viral filter prevents cross-contamination.  

KORR provides a hospital-grade Bacterial Viral Filter that protects your device from cross-contamination, capturing any virus the patient may exhale. These filters are FDA cleared to be 99.9% effective in capturing all viruses and bacteria, and will usually last about 100 tests. 

  1. Your office staff is taking extra precautions. 

A clean environment is your best defense against Covid.  This is true when performing metabolic testing.  Screening patients for Covid symptoms, masking up your staff, and wearing gloves to handle used MetaBreathers will go a long way to keep you, your staff and your patients healthy.

For additional resources on testing during the COVID pandemic, click here. If you or anyone on your staff has any other questions or concerns about metabolic testing, please don’t hesitate to contact KORR at 801-483-2080.

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