South Reno Athletic Club finds success with CardioCoach

south renoGabriel Bradley, general manager of South Reno Athletic Club, recently gave an interview to Club Solutions magazine, describing his decision to add metabolic and VO2 testing with the CardioCoach.   “It solved the issue of how to attract those who are not solely interested in a gym membership into the facility,”  Bradly said.  “KORR’s products provide us an opportunity to show how you can improve your results from exercising. As you know, 85 percent of people in the U.S. won’t join a gym. We thought, “How can we reach a portion of those 85 percent?” and CardioCoach proved to help. A local doctor even came in and loved the results. Now, he refers his clients who need help with nutrition or weight loss to us.”  When asked about the members response, he stated, “Members love it. It both verifies what their doing is working and shows them an opportunity to improve. There is something about seeing your own personal results in black and white, versus guessing what is going on within your body.”  Click here to read the entire interview with Club Solutions magazine.

Julie is the VP of Marketing at KORR Medical Technologies. She has experience in the healthcare industry as a registered nurse for over 25 years and has spent the past 15 years specializing in metabolic health and wellness.
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