Securing a relevant, memorable domain name is key for marketing your business.  This can sometimes be a challenge in a crowded space, like health and fitness.  Well, if you haven’t heard, new domain extensions are coming.  One by one, industry specific extensions are being released.  No longer will .COM automatically define our websites.  For those who are weighed down by long, burdensome URL’s, this may be your chance to change to something more streamlined, yet descriptive.  Consider this comment from Bryson Hotopp, web designer at the Midland Academy, who recently purchased the domain Midland.Academy: “We love our current domain because it’s easy to remember and directly represents our brand.  We get the same consistency, but with the new domain we can shave off some characters from marketing materials.”

And guess what was just released– .FITNESS.   Imagine the possibilities for the fitness industry!

What if you have a great URL that needs no updates?  Can you take advantage of these releases?  Consider using new extensions to help your digital marketing efforts.  For a minimal investment, you can purchase an additional domain name that is specific and descriptive of a marketing campaign.   Consider something like the name “” to promote a new yoga program.  This would allow you to create a special landing page without disrupting your company’s main site.  It’s specific, memorable, and easy to search.  When it’s time to run the next campaign, you can easily replace it with something else (ie:

Mikal E. Belicove of Entrepreneur magazine put it this way, “ Think of your existing URL as your company’s online front door. Figuratively speaking, you can use these new gTLDs to relocate, open up an additional location, add a side entrance or buy the vacant lot next door without messing with your current URL.”

Additional gTLD’s recently released that may be of interest to KORR customers are .SOLUTIONS, .TRAINING, .CLUB, .REHAB, and .CLINIC.   Before making any changes, be sure to consult with your web maintenance professional to make sure you redirect traffic if necessary and maximize the SEO you’ve painstakingly built.   While it’s not a fix for all, it might open up new options to keep you in the sites of potential customers.  And that’s what SEO is all about.

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