Five Reasons To Test Your Metabolic Rate

Help your clients understand the need for an RMR test quickly and easily with this [...]

ASBP Takes the Guesswork Out of Treating Obesity

Our friends at the ASBP have not only translated the medical science related to obesity, [...]

Selecting a Successful Program for Your Club

According to IHRSA, approximately 36% of a club’s revenue should come from non-dues revenue. Programs [...]

RMR: A Vital Sign for Weight Loss Experts

The National Weight Control Registry has enrolled over 10,000 members who have lost between 30 [...]


Effects of Caffeine on Metabolic Rate

The weather is getting colder and to many, cold weather is synonymous with a nice, [...]

TV Viewing & Resting Energy Expenditure

It is intuitive to assume that children burn fewer calories while watching TV than if [...]

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