The CardioCoach VO2 Max App by KORR allows a professional to upload an individual’s VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) results to an app that will allow each client to view those results in the context of workout zones, goals, and energy balance.

Increase Business
Potential clients who download the app will be directed to KORR certified test facilities to obtain a VO2 Max test.

Real-time Feedback
The app shows minutes spent aerobic versus minutes anaerobic, and the actual number of calories burned during a workout and post-workout (EPOC).  For MAX users, it shows what fuel source (fats versus carbs) are being used in real time.

With a touch of a button, your client can send you an email at the completion of a workout.

Personal Application of Results
Clients can be guided through their workouts utilizing voice coaching to keep them in their customized zones.

Sync with Calorie Counting Apps
The CardioCoach app automatically syncs data with most calorie counting apps (those that sync to iHealth).  If clients are tracking intake, calories IN can seamlessly be compared to calories BURNED.  Additionally, CardioCoach accommodates a Quick Add of calories directly to the app.

KORR provides professionally designed workouts for Weight-loss, Endurance, and Cardio-Strengthening.  If you desire to create a custom workout, it’s as easy as a touch of a button.

Implementing the CardioCoach VO2 Max App into your program is EASY!

  1. CardioCoach Software.  The app can only be used with CardioCoach systems that utilize the CardioCoach Software.  If you don’t currently utilize software, contact a KORR representative at (877) 859-3007.
  2. Purchase Software App Module.  To provide App support to your customers, you will require a software subscription at a cost of $16 per month, payable once a year.  This software module will allow you to upload, store, and send test results from a secure server.  There is no limit to the number of client results you can upload with a single software license.  An introductory trial use of the software module is FREE until 6/1/17.  Simply click here to access a link to updated CardioCoach software.
  3. Upload Results.  Once a test is complete, click the upload arrow app-uploads-arrow.  A box will appear to enter the customer’s email.  Upon entry, a PIN is generated.  This PIN is emailed to them and is printed on their Results page.
  4. Download App.  The customer must download the FREE app from the Apple app store onto an Apple iOS device (I-Phone, I-Pod) iOS 8.0 or later, or from GooglePlay onto an Android device.  Find the app by searching “CardioCoach” in either store.
  5. Import Test Results.  By selecting “Test Results” from the app navigation bar, the client will be able to utilize their PIN to download their test results into the app.
  6. Done!  Once downloaded, you can see their results applied to workout zones, track their progress, communicate workout results by email, etc.
SellerKORR Medical Technologies
CategoryHealth & Fitness
UpdatedMar 22, 2016
Size30.7 MB
RatingRated 4+
CompatibilityRequires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Heart Rate Monitor CompatibilityBlue Tooth Low Energy Devices. For Example, Polar H7, Mio, My Zones, and Orange Theory.

CardioCoach™ Frequently Asked Questions

I have the CardioCoach software. Why can’t I upload my client’s results?
The CardioCoach App Interface is a Plug-In to the CardioCoach Software. Until June 1 2017 a FREE trial can be downloaded by simply updating your software under the “Support/Product Updates” tab at After June 1, it can be purchased through our online store.
Where can I get the app?
The app is available for free through the Apple App Store here or from GooglePlay.
Why can’t see the Fats and Carbs data?
Data regarding the utilization of Fats and Carbohydrates can only be determined by a measurement of CO2. If a test was performed on a CardioCoach or CardioCoachPLUS, that data will not be available.
What phones/devices work?
iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and with most Android devices.
Will this work on an iPad?
Yes, but it will run as an iPhone/iPod app on the iPad.
I have a FitBit heart rate monitor. Why isn’t it working?
FitBit has made their monitor exclusive to their own app.
How do I go back in the software and look up a PIN after it has been generated?
Once a PIN has been generated, it can only be retrieved by printing out the client’s results or accessing the client’s email.

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