Like being on our Facility Finder? Then you’ll love KORR’s latest partnership.

KORR is now partnered with Fitnescity, a company determined to make wellness testing accessible to everyone, everywhere. If you own a KORR unit, you can now increase your customer base by joining Fitnescity’s network of test providers.

Fitnescity works as a mediator between preventative lab testing and the general consumer. They are focused on connecting people to the Fitnescity network of trusted lab parters/testing providers around the country, supporting them through the whole process. Fitnescity also provides these people with a digital platform consolidating all wellness information, including metabolic tests and DEXA scans, tracking progress over time and creating simple, inspiring accountability. They believe, “Prevention is the future of medicine, and a data-driven approach to fitness, health and performance can help optimize someone’s well-being, as well as prevent lifestyle-related disease before it actually happens.”

To learn more about joining Fitnescity’s network of lab partners, click below.

Learn More About Fitnescity

2 thoughts on “Fitnescity: Join a National Network of Wellness Testers

  1. ABradshaw says:

    QUESTION: With all of the high tech technology (iPhones; iWatches; FitBits etc.) do you find it unnecessary to use the Metabolic testing with KORR?

    • Julie Kofoed, BSN says:

      This is a great question! The only way to determine how many calories your body is burning and where those calories are coming from (fats vs carbs) is to measure metabolic data. The most practical metabolic data available is through gas consumption. The wrist mounted technologies are trying to correlate heart rate in the general population to average or predicted metabolic information. These devices are not measuring but instead using large group data to calculate an estimate. Some people may fall into these averages, but others are wildly different.

      I hope this helps!

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