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Four Tips To Avoid Being A Seasonal Exerciser

It’s no secret that there are certain times during the year that people tend to rededicate themselves to fitness. With the motivation of “swim suit season” and “new year’s resolutions,” summertime and the start of each new year tend to get crowded at the gym. Here are 4 tips to help you keep control over your fitness year-round.

vo₂ max score

What is a good VO₂ Max score?

In June our company was asked to assess the fitness level of the 2015 Pro Hockey recruits at their national Combine. The VO₂ Max test has the reputation of being nothing short of torture. I watched these young boys as they gasped and staggered off the ice, having given every ounce of effort to impress. “What was your time?” was the inevitable question they asked each other.
I found this question odd since time is irrelevant to their results. This lack of understanding was disconcerting – these young athletes obviously didn’t understand a VO₂ Max score because what they should have been asking was, “What was your max?” So what constitutes a “good” VO₂ Max score?