Returning your device for service is simple!

1) Submit Service Request.

Navigate to the online service portal at Follow the prompts that include the unit serial number and service request.

2) Receive instructions from KORR.

Should your device need routine service, you will be directed to an order page and will be able to check out via the website shopping cart. Should the problem require troubleshooting, you will be contacted by KORR technical support.

3) Prepare the device for shipping.

Once service has been ordered, a confirmation page and email will allow you to print out a UPS label.
Disconnect all hoses, adapters, cables and power cords. Put the device in a plastic bag to protect the intake ports from dirt, debris. or packing materials.

4) Box the unit.

Remember, these are sensitive measurement devices. We recommend shipping them in the original packaging materials, or purchasing boxes in the appropriate sizes.  Here are some suggestions of boxes that are readily available on-line, by a simple phone call, or at your local post office, UPS or FedEx store:

MetaCheck or ReeVue

USPS-Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box (12x12x5)

UPS- 16x10x8

Fed Ex-13x9x11


USPS-no flatrate box large enough


FedEx- 17x17x7

Additionally, you will want to protect the unit with packaging materials such as bubble wrap.  KORR is not responsible for any damage incurred during shipping.


UPS will schedule a pick-up when you call 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877). Or you can drop it off at any UPS site.

That’s it! KORR will service your unit in a timely manner and return it to you to get you back to testing as quickly as possible. For any additional questions, call the KORR Technical Support department at 1 (800) 895-4048 option #2.