Picture2Anthony Moses

Owner and Founder of Total Being Fitness

Anthony Moses, owner and founder of A.M. Total Being Fitness has spent his whole life focused on health and physical well-being. At age 11 he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and given two years to live. He persevered, and at age 16 determined that he wanted to take himself off all medications. He focused on faith, exercise, diet, attitude and healthy relationships. By age 20 he became medication-free and has enjoyed a healthy and rewarding lifestyle ever since.

Ever since his impressionable experience, he has dedicated his life to helping others make changes in their lives so that they can also profit from a life of health and confidence. He describes his fitness team as being “warm, motivating & enthusiastic, [with a] style and approach to fitness that has helped many people weed through all the hype and learn what really works.”

In 2011 he began to see the value of VO2 Max Testing in helping him reach his goals: “At the time, I had only used the machine for the RMR’s so I know they work first hand…  I used the Cardio Coach for the three bodybuilding shows I competed in and I was the overall champion in all three shows.”

As he coupled his unique Total Being Programs with VO2 Max testing, his clients experienced remarkable results. In a short amount of time his clients lost 25, 30, even 100 lbs.  A diabetic client was able to decrease her medication by 70%.



One client was able to change her life in a short year’s time: “When she first started she was not even able to walk at 3.0 on the treadmill…  this year she ran five 5k races and she’s still going!”

“Using KORR equipment and Total Being Programs takes the guess work out of personal training.” Anthony saw the vision – his unique and specialized program enhanced by VO2 testing. Thus he has been able to change lives. To learn more about Anthony or his program, visit www.total-being-fitness.com

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