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Metabolic Testing: Should You Try It?

Exerpt from SHAPE Magazine, June 15, 2012


Charlotte Hilton Anderson


“To truly understand what you need to fix, you first need to know what’s brewing beneath the surface. You might feel perfectly healthy today, but that doesn’t mean you’re not predisposed to some conditions that can greatly affect your health in the future. Enter metabolic testing…


I was initially a little disheartened by my results….but as Thom Rieck, a metabolic specialist and holder of the three world records, reminded me, “There’s not really any ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ we’re just finding out where you are so we know how to help you train to be a rockstar.” Rockstar, huh? Yes, please!


More and more health clubs are starting to offer metabolic testing, so if you’re interested in learning more, ask a staff member if your gym has the appropriate equipment.”


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