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Salt Lake City ended the month of April with the third annual session of FITCON. This year’s conference included 300 exhibitors, 25 competitions and 25,000 attendees. Athletes and trainers from all over the United States came to compete, learn, and discover the latest fitness trends.

Among the many exhibitors who attended, two KORR customers presented their versions of athletic analysis with metabolic testing.

Dexa Body brought their entire van and offered free analyses. Their business offers a complete body scan, VO2 Max testing and RMR testing – as well as a mobile service promoting corporate wellness. “In order to maximize your potential, you have to know your body,” they told FITCON. “Whether you are trying to lose weight, increase athletic performance, or push yourself to that next fitness goal, understanding your body composition, fitness level, and metabolism is critical.”

Body Smart came down from Northern Utah to hold a VO2 Max competition. Athletes from across the country competed to prove their cardiovascular fitness. Some even took time to recline and sample an RMR test. Dr Cameron Garber explained to each athlete his goals of understanding a person’s body so they can make positive changes in their health and performance – “We focus on helping you become the healthiest version of you.”

Click here to learn more about Dexa Body and their services.
Click here to learn more about Body Smart and their services.

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