Dr. Brent LarsenDr Brent Larsen

Physician For Living, Salt Lake City, Utah

Physician for Living in Salt Lake City is the well-rounded medical practice of Dr. Brent Larsen that combines his extensive medical knowledge with his lifelong passion for health, nutrition and exercise. He starts each patient with a thorough evaluation including metabolic testing with the ReeVue. He then individualizes a diet and exercise plan, sometimes incorporating prescription medications, where warranted. Each patient is re-evaluated weekly to make any necessary changes. Every client and program is different. Dr Larsen cares about a patient’s total state of health. He says, “My goal is to help clients loose fat not muscle, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, improve insulin resistance, improve cholesterol, improve sleep apnea, lower risk of heart attack and stroke, decrease depression, decrease back pain, decrease the pain from arthritis, increase strength and over all help you start living.   We use the RMR to set a diet based on how many calories patients burn at rest. The test takes about 10 minutes, the clients feel like they are getting a really good assessment, and they are all really interested in what their metabolic rate is. Testing someone’s metabolic rate is key to finding those few people who lie outside the norm so you know where to set their caloric limits.” Dr. Brent Larsen is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, specializing in the treatment of obesity. Board certified in Emergency Medicine, He is an accomplished athlete–completing four marathons, two half Ironman triathlons and three full Ironman events. Visit his website at www.physicianforliving.com.


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