Health & Wellness

Whether you are prescribing a weight-loss program or an exercise regimen,
metabolic testing is key in promoting your patient’s change to a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about RMR testing with the ReeVue (FDA cleared) and the MetaCheck.

ReeVue MetaCheck

VO2 Max testing is performed by the CardioCoach.
The CardioCoachPLUS and CardioCoachCO2 add the feature of RMR testing.

These products are not FDA cleared and are solely for the purpose of promoting health and wellness.

CardioCoach Products

Metabolic Based Assessments

Engage the Individual

Engaging a patient is key in the practice of health and wellness.  Because change can only come from within, success is measured by effectively involving each individual in the process of preventive care.

Utilizing KORR products for Resting Metabolic Rate testing and VO2 Max testing not only provides you with invaluable information, but it engages each client.  Their own body formulates the recommended course of action, not some text book or internet site.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Studies show that interventions are 50% more likely to be effective when tailored to a patient’s own results- and that is what the ReeVue and MetaCheck give you.

A Resting Metabolic Rate determined through oxygen uptake is a scientific measurement that holds each person responsible for caloric consumption thus eliminating their age old excuses. As they see their body as a calorie burning machine, they will feel empowered to take charge and make changes in their life.

Note: The ReeVue is appropriate if you are treating other disease states and using the RMR results in conjuction with those treatments, and the MetaCheck is exclusively for nutritional assessment.  

VO2 Max

A VO2 Max test assesses fitness in a way that is unique and personal by providing information about an individual’s anaerobic threshold, calorie burn, VO2 Max and much more.

Incorporate leading edge technology in determining the performance of your client’s heart, lungs, and circulatory system.  This information has never been incorporated so completely into an exercise plan- what you will provide is truly an exercise prescription.

These metabolic tests can be a key in promoting patient change to a healthy lifestyle.

CardioCoach is your tool for VO2 Max assessment.

Note: CardioCoach products are not FDA cleared and are solely for the purpose of promoting health and wellness.