Exercising below your Anaerobic Threshold utilizes an even exchange of oxygen to fuel your muscles.  This is termed “aerobic” or with oxygen.


Exercising above your Anaerobic Threshold will cause lactic acid to build as your muscles require more oxygen than you can deliver.  This lactic acid build-up leads to fatigue and muscle soreness.


Without a VO2 Max test, calories burned during exercise can only be estimated.  Estimations cannot account for variations in fitness level or intensity.  For best results, get a VO2 Max test.


A VO2 Max test allows very accurate calculations of calories burned during each level of exercise.

 Fat Calories/Carb Calories

By measuring CO2, the CardioCoach can determine what fuel sources your body used during your workout.

 Future Calories

Also known as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), this is the number of calories your body will burn to “pay back” the oxygen debt created during your workout.  This is calculated for 8 hours past your work out.  It is requires that your exercise sessions last at least 20 minutes and 30% of VO2 max.  This formula is a proprietary algorithm only available through KORR.

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