• Charge for individual tests. Athletes seeking out testing will normally pay an average of $150 for VO2 Max fitness tests, and $40 for resting tests (measuring their daily calorie burn).
  • Upgrade programs. Provide an upgraded training package that includes training regimens shaped by metabolic testing, increasing your monthly income from training programs. 
  • Re-test clients regularly. KORR customers report that more than 50% of their customers return regularly for re-testing. More testing leads to more revenue (and more satisfied customers). 

Want to see how it works? Schedule a call to see what your numbers would look like, or check out the case studies below!

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Fitness formula clubs

Grossed $114,000 from 2 Devices



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Nadeem Ashraf

Grossed $42,000 from VO2 Max Testing



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Grossed $187,000 from 6 Locations



what is vo2 max?

A VO2 Max Test is a 10- to 15-minute test that shows individuals – from the sedentary to the elite athlete – personalized information about heart-rate zones, calorie burn and more. Results can be uploaded to the CardioCoach app for application in personalized workouts, or used by trainers to shape goals and training regimens for optimal client results. 

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In addition to VO2 Max testing, the CardioCoach by KORR can also test Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR.  Use this information to guide clients in calorie counting as you help them achieve their weight-loss goals!

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CardioCoach is easy to operate. 

VO2 Max results from KORR’s CardioCoach are simple for clients and trainers to read and interpret. However you’ve structured your program, direction for training, dieting and working out will be extremely clear, efficient, and immediately available.

CardioCoach is affordable.

Nowhere will you be able to find CardioCoach’s accuracy at CardioCoach’s price. Invest $5,995 for a return of $30K? That’s a no-brainer! And with four models to choose from, you will only have to pay for what you need. 

CardioCoach is low-maintenance.

Routine service for the CardioCoach is easy and can be performed on-site by anyone on your staff. It has a proprietary self-calibration that keeps it highly accurate for every test. 

You’ll get unparalleled customer support.

Exercise science specialists are available to answer questions, provide training, and support implementation.

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