Wondering if your CardioCoach device is a CardioCoach 1.0 or a CardioCoach 2.0?

Here’s how you can tell!


CardioCoach 1.0
  • Manufactured before 2019
  • Only ONE port on the front (shared for VO2 and RMR tests)
  • Has the green screen with test information
  • Heart Rate and VO2 monitored on the right side
  • No Bluetooth capabilities


CardioCoach 2.0
  • Manufactured after 2019
  • TWO ports on the front (different for VO2 and RMR tests)
  • No Screen
  • Connects to Heart Rate Strap and laptop with Bluetooth

Still have questions about your CardioCoach? Feel free to reach out to us at customersupport@korr.com.

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