CardioCoach helps both first time gym-goers and hard core athletes to reach their goals. Increase client satisfaction, retention and revenue with one easy-to-use product.

Give clients information like…

Unique Heart Rate Zones. Did you know those heart-rate zones on the chart might not be right for your client? Discover heart-rate zones tailored to them!

Calories Burned (At Rest and During Exercise). Got clients with weight loss goals? Let them know EXACTLY how many calories they are burning so they know how to structure their eating plans.

Fat vs Carb Calories Burned. You can give your clients information about how many Fat Calories vs Carb Calories they burn with EVERY WORKOUT. Just send them off with the CardioCoach app and a heart rate strap.

Anaerobic Threshold & VO2 Max. Athletes are paying big money for this information. If you’re not familiar with these terms, let our VO2 Max expert teach you how to make this information useful to your program. 


VO₂ Max testing with CardioCoach fits seamlessly into your existing business plan. It’s so simple to use that any of your current employees can perform a VO₂ Max test. It’s affordable, allowing even small gyms, personal trainers, and educators to own state of the art VO₂ Max test equipment.


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