Have you considered adding VO₂ Max testing to your facility?  Certainly, there is increasing interest among consumers as the demand for technology is colliding with fitness.  Additionally, cost and complexity barriers are decreasing, making this valuable information more accessible than ever before.  So how can your programs benefit?  At Dr. Rogers Centers in San Antonio Texas we offer fitness, wellness and weight loss services.  Consider what we have discovered after utilizing metabolic testing for the past 7 years.


The industry standard for VO₂ Max testing is $100-$150 per test. Clients repeat the test periodically to track progress, so the income is ongoing and reusable mask options virtually eliminate a cost-per-test deterrent. Simply put, one test per day can generate $30,000 per year. Yet the equipment costs no more than the average treadmill — quite the return on investment!


After testing, the client sits down with the trainer to discuss results, and is generally engaged in wanting to learn about the calories burned and the process involved in improving fitness. This is an ideal time to introduce other services you may offer. It may be additional sessions with trainers, supplements you sell or a weight loss program.

 Marketing Support

VO₂ Max testing can strengthen club marketing in a variety of ways:
• It can be used as an upgrade enticement for new members. For example, free testing for those that upgrade their memberships.
• It is visually very exciting and can bring you a lot of attention at health fairs and other community events.
• Cyclists, triathletes and other athletes will benefit from VO2 Max testing as a part of their training regimen. VO₂ Max training incorporated into sponsorship of such teams gives your facility an interest that is easy to get picked up by local media.
• It can spice up your website with the image of new technology: VO₂ Max testing is leading-edge and it will keep the image of your club leading-edge.

Attracting New Clients

The current interest in VO₂ Max testing is skyrocketing. Professional athletes, such as Lance Armstrong and various NBA stars, have put this testing in the spotlight. Human performance labs show images on TV shows and in commercials that capture the interest of the competitive weekend athlete. Chat rooms abound with questions about how to get the test done and what it means. Capitalize on this interest and attract those clients who are looking to get the competitive advantage over their competition.


Retention is most affected when clients experience positive results. VO₂ Max testing brings results to clients at every level of fitness. It provides the competitive athlete valuable information to strategize increasing both cardio strength and endurance. Because results are personalized, it will increase the effectiveness of each workout.
VO₂ Max testing also provides great value to the deconditioned client. By determining a person’s actual fitness level based on aerobic and anaerobic threshold, trainers can design an exercise plan that will minimize injury and fatigue, yet maximize results. VO₂ Max testing is a unique way to keep these members engaged in exercise and motivated to continue because their personalized workouts will be comfortable while still producing results.

Adding VO₂ Max test equipment to a facility can strengthen marketing, retention, and revenue. Surprisingly affordable and easy to operate, it is a beneficial piece of equipment you can add to your facility!  To learn more about Dr Tamyra Lee Rogers and the services at the Dr Rogers Centers, click here.

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