Covid-19 has led to an interesting problem for gyms across the nation – how do you retain customers when they are being encouraged to stay home? 

I went through an experience during my quarantine workouts that convinced me that trainers connecting with clients could very well be the key to staying engaged with customers. Not only as they give directions for at-home workouts, but also as they become a resource for questions and feedback to make at-home workouts truly effective .

My at-home workout routine. 

I found myself in the group of customers that had to figure out at-home workouts as I continued to accomplish my fitness goals. Many people around me have tried all sorts of apps and streaming services, and the TV is full of home fitness equipment that offers virtual routines and classes. I, however, took the easy route – scan the dusty shelf for workout DVDs. 

I settled on a set of DVD’s that has been popular since 2005, where a guy named Tony shouts positive affirmations while you struggle to remain standing. It seemed like it would push me while providing variety in the mornings.

I didn’t really know whether or not it was effective – I just kept up the routine and hoped for the best. On cardio days, Tony kept asking me if I was “in the zone.” I would look the TV in the eye and joke, “I don’t know Tony. What zone am I supposed to be in?”

This prompted an interesting idea for me – why don’t I wear a heart rate strap and connect to the CardioCoach app? Then I would know whether or not I was “in the zone.”

Pairing at-home workouts with the CardioCoach app.

I liked the idea so much that I went and got a Covid-safe VO2 Max Test, uploaded my updated results into my app, and set it up the next morning for my workout. 

I could have done a “Free Workout” to track my results openly, without pre-set zones, but I decided instead to set up a “Custom Workout”. That way the app could prompt me to speed up or slow down to match my heart rate zones. It seemed like the easiest way to stay “in the zone,” as Tony says. 

CardioCoach app results.

Here’s a screenshot of my results: 



Let’s take a closer look at my target heart-rate zones vs my actual heart-rate zones. 

You’ll see that I set up heart rate zones that focused mainly on my fat-burning zones, with periodic jumps above my anaerobic threshold. I also set up my warmup heart-rate so it would last as long as the DVD’s warmup. 

This particular workout blasted my heart-rate up right from the beginning of the workout. The CardioCoach app kept prompting me to slow down because I had left the warm-up heart-rate zone, but I couldn’t bring my heartrate down without standing still to let my heart slow down. 

As the workout continued, I couldn’t stay out of the yellow zone, or the zone just above my anaerobic threshold. As the CardioCoach continued to voice that I was in the wrong zone and needed to slow down, I tried to follow the movements with minimal effort to try to get my heart-rate back in the right place. 

Now let’s look at my calorie burn. 

I was excited to see that I burned tons of calories – but then I questioned whether or not I had accomplished my goal of performing a true fat-burning workout as I looked at carbs burned vs calories burned. 

So there I stood, holding my phone, questioning my entire workout. 

Why would a trainer make a difference in at-home workouts?

So did I have a good workout or a bad workout? The ultimate answer – I don’t know! I work in marketing, not fitness. I didn’t have the voice of someone who knew what they were talking about to walk me through what went well and what I needed to change. 

If clients take the time to do meet with their trainer for a Covid-safe VO2 Max test, they get more than heart-rate zones that come directly from their individual anaerobic threshold. They also have someone to answer questions like, “What heart rate zones do I need to be in to achieve my goals?” or “Am I supposed to be burning fat calories or carb calories?” 

Meeting with a trainer also allows clients to be accountable. Taking screenshots, like the one above, and sending them to a trainer on a weekly basis allows trainers to have insight on workouts. They can give personalized instruction about workout intensity and duration, as well as any nutritional advice that might be pertinent to their calorie burn or fitness goals. 

Connect with clients at home.

If your clients are working out at home, consider adding VO2 Max Testing with CardioCoach and pairing it with the CardioCoach app. You’ll find an invaluable connection between trainer and client that will lead to better client retention and amazing client results. 

Click below to schedule an appointment with one of our KORR Specialists to see if CardioCoach and the CardioCoach app is right for you.

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