Case Studies

  • Metabolic Curve: Wellness & Health Monitoring through Physical Therapists

      “Have your fitness efforts meet your fitness goals” Dr Cameron Garber, a Physical Therapist in Bountiful Utah, has seen his profession change drastically in the past 10 years due to the effects of the Affordable Care Act.  Physical Therapists are finding it increasingly difficult to be profitable.  The average co-pay has gone from $25-40 […]

  • REDKORE Fitness finds success with VO2 Max Testing

    In the Spring of 2013, Nadeem Ashraf worked to bring together the details of Redkore Fitness, the culmination of his lifetime of experience in the fitness industry.  He recognized the difficulty he faced trying to stand out among a multitude of providers.  He determined that his strategic and competitive edge would be a “results based […]

  • St Vincent Healthcare Weight Management Program

    St Vincent’s Healthcare in Billings Montana has one of the country’s most comprehensive weight loss programs.  Patients are offered a full range of services, including medically supervised weight management, bariatric surgery, non-invasive procedures, pediatric weight management, and healthy living follow-up for maintenance. In 2008, St Vincent’s integrated the ReeVue Indirect Calorimeter to their programs under […]

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Research Articles

  • Infection control of lung function equipment: a practical approach

    The degree of risk of cross-infection of patients via cardio-pulmonary testing equipment has yet to be quantified.  Based on current evidence, elaborate precautions are not justified, but attention to appropriate routine cleaning and disinfection protocols is important.  The following are recommendations made based on the existing research as summarized in a study published in Respiratory […]

  • ReeVue Validation and Reliability Study 2015

    Assessing Resting Metabolic Rate in Overweight and Obese Adolescents With a Portable Indirect Calorimeter: A Pilot Study for Validation and Reliability. Background: Indirect Calorimetry measured via the traditional indirect calorimeter is considered the “gold standard” for determining resting metabolic rate (RMR).  Portable devices for assessing RMR are a less expensive option for measuring RMR in […]

  • Validation of CardioCoach by Oregon State University

    This study sought to determine the validity of VO2 peak measurement using the CardioCoach device compared to the Parvo Medics device. The CardioCoach is a much more affordable alternative measurement device. Based on the results, there is statistical evidence to conclude that the two devices produce similar VO2 peak values, meaning that the CardioCoach CO2 […]

  • Indirect estimation of VO2 Max in athletes by ACSM’s equation: valid or not?

    Aim: The purpose of this study was to assess the indirect calculation of VO2max using ACSM’s equation for Bruce protocol in athletes of different sports and to compare with the directly measured; secondly to develop regression models predicting VO2 max in athletes. Methods: Fifty five male athletes of national and international level (mean age 28.3 […]

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For Your Customers

  • Safely Succumb to Chocolate

    It’s February, and everyone knows that this is the month of cards, flowers and… chocolate! That divine delight which can also be the dieter’s most dire enemy. But do not fear! Simple moderation can help you indulge in that chocolaty temptation while staying within your target calorie count! Here are six suggestions to help you […]

  • Movie Theater Madness

    It’s Date Night, you’re relaxed, cutting loose and having fun. But as you walk through the doors of the movie theater you are suddenly assaulted by that deliciously dreadful smell… movie theater popcorn. You know that one night’s exception could be tomorrow’s horror film. You feel the dread coming on as you realize your lack […]

  • Healthy Eating

    6 Baby Steps to Success Contemplating the idea of changing our daily routine can seem like an Olympic feat.  Truth is, it doesn’t have to be so hard – you just have to take it one baby step at a time!  Here are 6 easy steps that will begin your transformation into a healthy eater.

  • Getting Chubby in your Cubicle?

    8 Tips to Get Moving at Work Like so many, I spend most of my day in front of a computer. Although I try to be aware of my posture (thank you mother for the constant reminders….) I’ve been known to spend hours and hours sitting—without much movement. So I avoid staleness of mind and […]

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