Dunk Truck

A warm welcome from KORR to Dunk Truck!

Dunk Truck is a company that offers mobile fitness testing through hydro-static weighing – or “dunking.” This is a method that collegiate athletic departments and professional sports athletes have used to determine their body composition as they train. Dunk Truck brings this technology to the general public.

Dunk Truck begins with a hydro-static weigh-in to assess your Body Fat %, Fat Mass, Lean Mass %, and Lean Mass. Then metabolic testing is incorporated to determine resting metabolic rate and anaerobic threshold. By following an accurate determination of caloric intake and fat-burning exercise, it will be visible in the following weigh-in exactly how much fat was lost.

Dunk Truck is a unique experience that can empower you to take your fitness to the next level. To learn more about Dunk Truck and their services, visit www.dunktruck.com

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Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones has represented KORR since 2004. As a senior sales associate, Andrew is an expert in oxygen uptake testing. He enjoys daily workouts, utilizing his VO2 Max test results.
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