AMP Fitness: VO2 Max Testing


One of KORR’s customers, AMP Fitness in Beachwood California, was able to help a client understand his current fitness level in comparison to his capacity 6 years ago using gold standard VO2 Max Testing. AMP Fitness’s client, Zachary Lewis, did a VO2 Max test, and documented his experience before and during the rigorous incremental analysis. His conclusion set him on a mission where he now knows where he can improve, and has a new fire lit inside him that yearns for more data. This is just one small example of VO2 Max testing being utilized by a non-professional athlete, and how VO2 Max testing can be a valuable tool for anyone at any stage of fitness! Good luck on your fitness journey Zachary!

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Jody Nelson
Jody Kae Nelson specializes in VO2 Max testing, exercise, nutrition, and wellness. With a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Utah Valley University, she brings a wealth of knowledge to KORR. Jody enjoys running, hiking, skiing, and boating and can often be found enjoying the great outdoors of Utah with her husband Trey.
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