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CardioCoach from KORR

VO2 Max Testing

The Ultimate Measure of Fitness

When Sports and Fitness ceases to be a hobby and becomes your business, you can’t ignore the reality of revenue.  CardioCoach is a source of revenue.  It allows you to collect revenue from existing clients as well as attracting new clients.  Here is a table that shows the revenue you can expect from CardioCoach the first year.

Download PDF ROI Table

But the measure of any success in this industry is RESULTS. Customers expect results: Your gym relies on renewal memberships and trainers live and die by referrals from happy clients.  Results are the key and CardioCoach brings results.

Consider what the CardioCoach measures:

  • VO₂ Max
  • Anaerobic threshold
  • Calories burned during exercise
  • Calories burned at rest
  • Custom designed workout zones
  • Respiratory Quotient

With this unique data, trainers can help clients succeed in ways they never have before.  Clients will understand how their body burns calories, how to exercise more efficiently and how to use heart rate zones to meet their goals.  There is a reason professional athletes use this equipment.  Now you can too.

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